Winter Wonder Lights

NOW INSTALLED. Please click here to see more.

This winter season, Bloor Annex BIA is transforming 3 of our newly built parkettes into lighting spectacles for all to enjoy. 

Partnering with STEPS and local artists Chris Foster and Layne Hinton,  we will create a 3km experience along our BIA. Installation of 3 magically lit sculptural works of art will create natural resting points for people to get outside and enjoy our Main Street while still maintaining safe social distancing.

Our goal is to highlight our newly completed parkettes, create safe walkable spaces throughout the BIA and encourage people to get outside and enjoy a walk down Bloor Annex BIA.

The art in question proposes a kinetic installation that utilizes a bright light source that slowly passes through a long column of common metal kitchen colanders. The hole patterns in the colanders create dynamic projections that shift as the light passes through the sculpture. The overall concept of these works will gesture to the diversity of restaurants that are a staple of the Annex and open discussion to the changing state of small businesses along Main Streets.