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PROFILE: Rob McPherson


Meet Rob McPherson, projectionist at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. He has worked at the theatre in its various incarnations for the past 37 years. Rob loves being his own boss and enjoys working with great people.

How do you find the long hours that come with the job?

The commute to work and the evening shifts have worked well with my wife’s schedule and allowed us the time we needed to raise our kids.

What are some of your favourite cinema memories?

I always look forward to leading tours of the projection booth for Doors Open Toronto. People really get a kick out of seeing a side of the cinema that they’ve never seen before.

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival is one event we host annually here at the Cinema. The staff and organizers are always amazing and treat me very well.

Another thing that stands out for me is when they were filming of Cheaper by the Dozen 2 here with Steve Martin. Eugene Levy was hilarious in the film when he was hanging off the balcony. That was definitely memorable!

What is your favourite documentary?

One documentary that I really enjoyed was Garbage Warrior. This film opened my eyes to the sheer volume of waste we create. Another one that made an impression was The Cove. I couldn’t get over how thought provoking the film was and appreciated how such a sensitive topic was handled.

What do you like about working in the Bloor Annex neighbourhood?

The diversity in the community is what I love most.  There are so many different cultures here and always something going on. You can just step onto Bloor Street and find food from Korea, Greece, Japan, everywhere. Whether you’re craving a falafel, BBQ chicken or roti, it’s all here.

Check out Hot Docs Cinema and the booth this May 26 and 27 as part of Doors Open Toronto. 

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