Bloor Street Bike Lanes Pilot Project

In October of 2015, the Bloor Annex BIA adopted a position in support of the one-year pilot bike lanes on Bloor Street with the understanding that the effect on its members would be measured closely. The BIA endorsed this pilot for the purposes of an economic study which it commissioned together with the Korea Town BIA and the Metcalf Foundation. The City of Toronto has since joined as a study partner enabling another data collection cycle.

Goal: to understand the effect of the pilot bicycle lanes, including the attitudes of merchants and visitors to Bloor Street as well as the potential economic impacts.

Objectives: to conduct pre-installation and post-installation surveys of visitors and merchants on Bloor Street in Bloor Annex and Korea Town, and compare with control surveys of a comparable area where bicycle lanes will not be installed.

Study Development Timeline:

  • Sep-Oct 2015: Korea Town BIA, Bloor Annex BIA & Metcalf approve funding + provide input into survey design and methodology
  • Oct-Dec 2015: Pre-pilot data collection
  • May 2016: Toronto City Council approves pilot bike lanes; directs staff to measure a host of impacts
  • Aug 2016: Pilot bike lanes installed; City approves funding for Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) to expand scope of its economic impact study
  • Oct-Nov 2016: First post-pilot data collection
  • May-June 2017: Second post-pilot data collection
  • June-July 2017: Data analysis
  • July-August 2017: Report writing/production
  • September 2017: Report to study partner team for review
  • October 18, 2017: Report to City of Toronto Public Works and Infrastructure Committee + public release


Data Collected to Date:

2015 Pedestrian Surveys:
October 2015 (the “baseline”, pre-installation)
1016 surveys completed
429 in Bloor Annex, 414 in Korea Town, 173 at control site. 982 pedestrians had comments.

2015 Merchant Surveys*:
November 2015
191 of 308 completed (62% of storefronts). 68 in Bloor Annex (60%). 95 in Korea Town (70%). 28 in control area (47%). 184 had comments.

2015 Bike Counts:
5 completed Oct-Nov 2015

2015 Vacancy Counts:
July 2015

2016 Pedestrian Surveys:
1025 completed October 2016. 407 in Bloor Annex and 407 in Korea Town, 211 at control site. 946 had comments (92%).

2016 Merchant Surveys*:
251 completed Oct–Dec 2016 (81% storefronts visited). 97 in Bloor Annex (86%). 105 in Korea Town (78%). 49 at control site (82%). 220 had comments (88%).

2016 Bike Counts:
5 completed Oct-Nov 2016

2017 Pedestrian Surveys:
964 completed May 2017. 400 in Bloor Annex. 363 in Korea Town. 201 at control site.

2017 Merchant Surveys*:
159 completed May 2017. 84 in Bloor Annex (70%). 52 in Korea Town (52%). 23 at control site (41%).

2017 Bike Counts:
5 completed May 2017.

2017 Vacancy Counts:
July 2017

*Note that in calculating the response rate for the merchant surveys, addresses that were closed, vacant or under construction were not included in the total number of businesses visited. Of those merchants that did not complete the survey, the primary reason was that theowner/manager was unavailable or refused to answer. According to the study methodology, surveyors were instructed to approach all ground level merchants and interview the business owner or manager, making up to four visits to each business. If no owner or manager was available, an information sheet was left for the merchant containing contact information to conduct the survey by phone. A few took advantage of this opportunity. In fall 2015 and fall 2016, if no owner or manager was available after repeated visits, some regular employees completed the survey instead. Surveys indicating that a regular employee had responded, not a manager or owner, were subsequently removed from the study. A dedicated Korean translator was on hand for all merchant and visitor surveys in Korea Town.


These are just the economic impact studies. The city has conducted its own transportation studies on the effects of this pilot. All of this data and analysis will be available for the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee of City Council who on October 18, 2017 will consider whether or not the bike lanes should be made permanent. Your BIA Chair will make a deputation on that date on your behalf. Our research to date and any further comments from you will help shape the position we espouse.

Do you have any further thoughts or comments, to help inform us?

Please note: Your comments will not be publicly associated with your business. We require the business name simply to authenticate that you are a Bloor Annex BIA member.

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