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Call for mural artists! Deadline Extended to Sept. 28!

481 Bloor St W full view from Brunswick and Bloor.

The Bloor Annex BIA invites Toronto artists to submit designs to paint a mural at 481 Bloor Street West located at Brunswick and Bloor. 

The artist will be chosen by the Bloor Annex BIA Streetscape Committee with help from the BIA members and community stakeholders. The decision will be based on the artist’s concept, relevant experience, portfolio of past work and connection to the Bloor Annex community. 


• Mural will be on the side wall of 481 Bloor Street West facing Brunswick Avenue. 

• Site is locally known as the Brunswick House building. 

• Theme is to represent and honour the musical history of this heritage building with focus on the Albert’s Hall era. This venue was on the second floor with performances by many notable local and international musicians. 

• New parkette will be installed at this corner location next year as part of a large streetscape improvement project and it is vital the mural be in harmony with it. 

• See below for a rendering of the parkette design which will include granite installations, wood decking, pollinator plants, trees, seating and bike parking. 

• Mural should uplift the area visually and the process should engage the community. 

Location and Dimensions 

• Wall is approximately 18 feet high by 51 feet long. 

• This section of the building is a recent addition to the original historic landmark which was carefully restored in 2017. 

• See photos of the mural location and building below. 

Criteria and Theme 

• Draw inspiration from the building’s musical history especially within Albert’s Hall era. 

• The current occupant of the building, Rexall have historical references on public view inside their store. See photo below of one of their displays. 

• They also have historical archives including tickets, t-shirts, photos and stories. The chosen artist will have access to these items with Rexall’s permission. 

• Design to emulate heritage building and its musical history. 

• Provide iconic engaging backdrop for the parkette while seated and for passersby. 


• Deliver the mural within the agreed upon budget and timeline. 

• Participation in any community engagement involved. 

• Maintain the quality of the mural for five years. 

• Budget for and apply protective coating on mural to allow graffiti removal without damage. 

• Constant communication with the BIA throughout the project. 

• Keep the work site clean during work periods. 

• Personal and workplace safety insurance. 

• Supply the necessary materials for the project. 

• Small City of Toronto and Bloor Annex BIA logos must be included on installation. 

This project is funded through the City of Toronto Outside Mural and Street Art Grant. All submissions must adhere to the City’s guidelines. 

TO APPLY Please include in your submission: 

• Your contact information and bio. 

• Your interest in the project. 

• Your connection to the Bloor Annex community and Brunswick House building. 

• A detailed budget with a maximum amount of $5,000. Please note that no more than 50% may go towards artist fees and compensation. 

• Resume and portfolio highlighting: 

• At least two previous work samples. 

• Outdoor mural projects of similar scope. 

• Project Proposal highlighting: 

• Written design concept. 

• Mediums and colors that will be used. 

• Themes and motifs that will be featured. 

• At least one sketch. 

• Confirm consent to allow The City of Toronto and Bloor Annex BIA to photograph during the project and to use photos on social media and promotional material. 

Email to by 11:59 pm on September 28, 2018. 

Artist will be selected by a panel composed of the Bloor Annex BIA board of directors and key community stakeholders within the BIA. 

Artist will be selected based on the following criteria: 

• How well your design highlights our community values. 

• Experience painting outdoor murals. 

• Portfolio. 

• Connection to our community. 

Artist will be notified of final selection October 4, 2018. Mural will be installed in October 2018. 

As per City of Toronto guidelines, this mural will be eligible for decommissioning after five years. Bloor Annex BIA will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this art during this time, however the artist will be responsible for maintaining the quality of the art. 

For more information or any questions please contact: Jan ice McHugh, Bloor Annex BIA Coordinator 

Wall for mural at 481 Bloor St W is 18 feet high by 51 feet long approximately.

Future Brunswick Parkette artist rendering from DTAH (subject to change). Note: Tree will not be in front of the mural wall as it has been placed further north in current design plans.

Example of display inside Rexall at 481 Bloor St W noting musical history.

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